A day in China!

A day in China!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

One Year...Oh How My Plans Were Ruined!

Well, it has officially been one year since I have seen my friends and family back home. One year in China...One year of amazing blessings, challenges, new friendships, new sisters in Him and basically having my life in China completely ruined into HIS plans and not mine. I had no idea one year ago that I would be sitting here with a baby rolling around beside me and looking up at me and smiling and getting to be his Momma. Oh how the Father wants to call us into his plan and He wants to see us be obedient to His call. This has been one of the hardest things I have ever done...move to China, make friends, build relationships, settle in to a wonderful community and then be uprooted to a place where I live with 15 children and a couple that is not even from my own country. Not to mention, has never been to Texas or even know Texan lingo!!! LOL:-) But my life could not be better:-) Don't get me wrong....just today I thought "Can I really do this?"...it has been a little hard the last few days but I am reminded of HIS faithfulness and HIS goodness to meet me where I am. I have so much gratefulness to HIM for how HE is molding me and shaping me and also for HIS patience....I think I may be the most stubborn person to "mold and shape"! But everyday it is a surrender. I long for my family...my friends and at the bare minimum someone whose native language is English:-) I don't even know if I could have a whole conversation anymore without fighting inside over which language to use. I am in a constant state of confusion:-) It is a wild ride...but I am a wild girl:-) 

 How can you not fall in love with this face???? This is Daniel and he is one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen:-) He smiles ALL the time and loves to be held by his favorite people and loves to cry when he someone he doesn't know tries to hold him:-) He is precious!!
 You never know what you might find when you walk out of your room in the morning....the Ayi wanted to make wise use of her time at the market and bought he fish to take home after work...But he died during the day and she had to cut him up at our house:-) Oh CHINA! 
 We spend most every morning at the "local" park!!! It is beautiful!!!! The children love it and I love getting out of the house....I mean of course there are the random times you are holding a child in the car and he goes to the bathroom all over you....Oh that was a super fun day:-(
 The Children love the water:-)

 Yao Ling and Ruth were enjoying the view!

 The Ayis are such a blessing at the park:-) we all have 2 children and walk all around together.

 Rejoice Also likes t be held and not to walk the whole time...Oh boy:-)
 Sissi is such a precious girl:-) She is just about as normal as they come for a 6yr old. She loves to play and run and sometimes be quiet:-) She is very calm and loves to be loved:-)
 Ruth on the other hand could be a poster child for Down Syndrome:-) She LOVES to de stubborn and get her way...and I love her soooooo much....there is something so special about this child:-) She has quite the personality and is very clever:-)
 Rejoice is my little dancer:-) She will dance any time she gets the chance:-) Every thing is done the way her mind likes to think it should be:-)
 XingXing is one of my favorites:-) I know we aren't supposed to have them but she has won my heart:-) She is very smart!!! She loves to sing and do hand motions to all the songs I have taught them. She thinks that "smile" means to point your finger at your mouth:-) Ha...I have tried to teach her it's the action of your mouth moving into a new position....but she loves to learn and also has a very clever mind of her own:-) 
 This day we took the little kids to the park:-) It was so much fun!
 We were invited to an English Corner for children and the girls that were older went with us...they had a great time with the other children!!

 Ruth is my little buddy:-)
 XuWei is such a big help!!! She loves to help with the little ones. Rosa is quite the stinker and such a lovable little angel:-)
 This is Yao Yao and she was Marianne's first child:-) She is very sweet-)
 Moxi lives with sooooo many girls and he is ALL boy!!!! The girls love to pick on him:-(
 This is my sweet Sammy:-) This was one of the first few days I had him...He has changed so much and gotten so much healthier!!!! thanks so much for all your PRs!!!! 
 The 3 big girls and I go to the local dance group at night:-) They love to dance and the ladies love to have us with them:-) Chinese women do this ever night with each other:-)

 This is Bei Bei:-) She is such a cutie:-) I love her so much!!!!
 Daniel and his cute smile:-)
 I have been paining the girls nails for some one on one time with each of them:-)Yao Ling LOVES this!!!! She loves one on one time!!! She also like to look cute:-)
 Ok...The next few are SAMMY!!!! He is really getting a personality!!! HE loves to play and he plays well alone since there are so many children to care for he has to play alone sometimes. But he smiles so much and his new thing is laughing really hard when I feed him dinner...it is so funny....I laugh so hard I cry...then I really cry out of gratefulness that I get to care for this little blessing:-)

 He is sporting his wife beater int his one:-)
 He loves to make this cute face:-)
 Xing Xing and Rejoice love to play with my camera:-)
 We baked Sugar cookies and I let the children decorate them to give to their friends:-) It was so fun!!!
 Ok so I just had to put this pics in because I miss these people so much and I am soooo grateful for you ALL!!! You have all blessed me with your faithful PRs and ork for the children and me. Thank you for blessing me all the way from home!!!
 The PRs of my friends and family mean so much to me!!! Love you all!!!
I am Headed to Wuhan on Sunday for a wonderful week with my friends there and to watch my amazing friends 2 little girls. I am sooooo looking froward to seeing everyone and for some rest:-) Love you all and just know how grateful I am for you:-)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Day I Have Waited For, For My Whole Life!!!

Today is July the 24th, 2012...I will remember this day for the rest of my life. I have PRed for and dreamed about this day. Can it actually be happening???? as most of you ALL know I have been on a Journey for many years...29 to be exact! I have known very few things about what HE wanted for my life but 2 things I have known for sure...HE called me to China and HE called me to be a Momma:-) There are many other longings in my heart and things I know HE has called me to but these 2 have never wavered! Although I didn't think either one would actually happen. He had a plan that came before that to prepare me for HIS Call. I have not always been patient...I have many times tried to make things happen and stepped out of HIS plan...all in HIS Grace, He never left me and was always faithful, even when I made a mess of things. Today, I can finally say that it was worth the wait:-)

I can to China 11 months ago and when I arrived I never dreamed that after 11 months my life would change so much!!! When I came to Gui Yang and moved all my stuff in With Marianne and Hans I only hoped that one day I would be able to have children of "My Own". When I first arrived and she told me that she didn't want any more babys...only older children, my heart sank. I thought, once again, I will give up the dream to have a baby. But As I gave up that dream I told the Father that HE has called me here and these children are where HE wants me to be so I will pour myself into them. LOL It has been quite a fun 2 weeks...I feel as though it has been 2 years:-) I wake up, and quickly start my day! I am using natural oils on the children to prevent sickness and the youngest child has been able to get off the antibiotics and everyone is currently healthy!!! PTL...but this process takes about 45 min to get everyone oiled and given their immune building vitamins!!! Then we go into the Book:-) and sing and tell stories about the Father. Then it's off to Math, then sports, then reading. Then we go to lunch..which is quite an ordeal!!! I wish you could all see it! Then they older children go to activity time with the Ayis(chinese helpers) and I play with the little ones. I have been teaching the baby how to swim...more like play in the water....he can't walk and needs to strengthen his little muscles! Then I hep with the baths or take a break:-) Then the children eat and then go up stairs to play before bed and we(adults) eat! After that I give everyone their night rounds of oils and tuck them in! So as you can see...and if you are parent, you know this is an EVERYDAY all day long thing!!! So, back to my story...I PRed the Father would give me joy in this and help me to have energy! I have been having a blast..i forgot to mention that I feel like all I do is discipline!!!! WOW...this is a constant thing! So yesterday we had to go to the foster care office and take one of our little girls who is getting ADOPTED!!! YAY..so happy!!!! We just took her for some paper work but while we were there the foster care director asked if Marianne would like another baby. He told us she was 1yr old and had been in the orphanage for a long time. She also has Downs. I knew the answer already before he finished.... but he showed is the picture and I tried not to think about it. Then out of no where she asked me if I wanted this baby???????? I said, "Are you kidding?"...She smiled and said no:-) I said of course I want her!!! Then it was done! She was getting a new baby!!!! I didn't want to pre suppose anything about the "Do you want her?" statement but I was thinking...like I get to take care of her???....Of course I take care of all the children but they just think of me differently that Marianne "Momma". SO then we left...as we walked out she said well there is is, Tomorrow you will ave your first baby....you have to think of a name. I was so overwhelmed I just started crying:-) My dream was coming true. i still didn't know the ends and outs of the situation but as the day went on and we talked i found out the the baby was going to be staying in MY ROOM!!!! SO excited!!!! Then last night I got a call from another foreigner here and he said he needed to talk to me....ummmm ok...I was nervous because I have been here 2 weeks...I only met him once...why does he need to talk to me? So at 8:30 last night I went to his house and he asked me if i had planned to foster children. I told him my heart and that I was here helping Marianne and Hans...He said well the foster care office called me and told me they wanted YOU to foster this child and for it to be in your name....I think my mouth dropped open. LIKE FOR REAL? He is the director of the foreigners in the foster care so he had to interview me and that's why he needed to talk to me ASAP. So after that I want back to the car and told Marianne and Hans what was up....lol we were all thinking the worst and they were on pins and needles to know!!!! HAHA...I told them and they were so supportive:-) WOW...I couldn't believe it....A baby!!!! I have getting a baby...I'm gonna be a Momma!!!! Well, it was tears after that:-) I hardly slept!!! Today I had to go for my foreigner medical exam first thing and then we were headed to the office to my baby:-) My baby girl...I thought...I was going to call her Hannah...i felt like HE told me I was going to have a boy first but I would never turn away a girl!!!! So we got there and she was laying on the couch all alone...ad they told me to pick him up....HIM??? LOL they said oh yeah...we thought it was sa girl but it's a boy!!!! I cried again!!! i picked him up and was in love at first sight! The Father has given him to me to love and take care of until HE has someone else to love him more:-) I could not be more blessed right now!!! 

 This was our first picture:-) HE was just staring at me:-)
 On the way home he fell asleep in my arms...China doesn't use car seats for babys...you just hold them....don't think about it...or you will worry way to much!
 This is Sammy(Samuel)...I have waited a long time to love on him and He is quite the gift from above!!!
 He has his first bath...well my first bath for him:-) He didn't really like it at first but then he warmed up to it:-) He is soooooo cute!!!!
 He likes to chill on Momma's bed:-) and also loves to suck on his hands!
 The bottle is not quite his favorite but we will keep trying!

 As I write this he is sleeping on my bed and I am in Aw of the faithfulness of the Father...Please be PRing for little Sammy and me and we start our Journey together:-) HE is sick and we started on the meds and would like for them to take care of it so we don't have to go to the hospital!!!! He is amazing:-) I'm parcial but I think It's allowed:-) YAY for answered PRS!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Week ONE!

Last Saturday was one of the hardest days I have had...with all the joy and excitement in my heart to come to my next calling, I was really mourning the loss of my Wuhan life. My friends, students, the apartment, food, fellowship, easy access to stores, busses everywhere that I already know how to take, being comfortable....these are all the things I knew I would really miss. I spent the day saying goodbye...
 This is Jack, Heubert, and Shirley...they had morning coffee with me:-) My last trip to Mr. Mai's for a while!
 Then I was off to Aloha for my last American meal fo a while. But more importantly, I had to say good bye to all my AMAZING friends there. They have blessed me more than i can say. This is the Kitchen staff...We are BFF...the cooks taught me how to cook some chinese food before I left and I am looking forward to trying that soon!
 I had quite a few tears after this pic was taken...this Aloha Family will forever be in heart:-) 
 Isabella came and spent the afternoon with Karen and Liping and me. I love this girl like I didn't know I could love:-) She is truly like a daughter to me and we had such good talks while we were together in Wuhan for a few days. God has overflowed my cup for sure!!!
 LiPing and Karen...these girls are such precious friends...I had no idea I would move to China and make such incredible friends:-) I cried when we said goodbye and believe me i was more emotional that I ever imagined!!! God gave me these life long friends and I am forever grateful!

NOW...after all the craziness of saying goodbye..Isabella took me to the train station and helped me repack. I had too much stuff to take on the train so she took some home and mailed to me. Then, i almost missed my train because of the over abundance of people. I had originally bought a 30 hr train ticket with no air conditioning because all the others were sold out. But, my friend Sophia helped me fin another way and I ended up taking 2 trains....So from Wuhan to ChangSha, a 5hr ride, I stood up...with 2 suitcases a backpack, pillow, zip bag and violin. I am sooooo glad I didn't know any of the people around me who say me running to the train...i can only imagine what they were thinking...I heard more than i wanted to know anyway!! When I got on the train there was not enough room for everyone...as always...we were packed in like sardines! But I made friends fast and I had air conditioning. I didn't realize how hard it was to stand up for 5 hrs from 10pm-3am. WOW I was sooo tired. At 3am I arrived in ChangSha. I got all my stuff into the train station and waited until 7am for my next train to Guiyang. It was a long night to say the least. But when I got on that train at 7 am with all my stuff and finally got to lay down I was out! I slept almost the whole day. I love sleeping trains for that reason!!! The people in my room with me thought I was crazy, but oh well! I arrived in Guiyang about 8pm. Finally there...and since that moment I have not stopped(well that's what it feel like:-)) Marianne and Hans picked me up and she hugged me and said "You are finally here, the thing I have PRed for!" That was enough for me:-)

 Now this is the front door...it has been quite the week...they have laid cement and and blocked the road and everything else but we make it through! This front door is very short:-) I have to duck! 
 I knew that when all my stuff I sent on the truck arrived i was not going to have a place to put it so we went to "furniture Street" and I got a few items to help organize....i don't live well in caos! This is the stuff I got:-) and the little place I got it from! 
 This is Furniture Street...every little shop has almost the same stuff and we bargin with them to get the best price:-) I love to bargin:-) My daddy taught me well!
 This is part of the drive home!!
 This week I have tried to take one of the girls with me is I had to go out. So Yao Ling went with me to get the Furniture and to get my  new cell phone. She was so funny...she loved that I opened the window in the van so she could have her hair blow in the wind:-) She is 7 and so precious
 I love the drive to our home from the city!

 This is the back side of our home...we had to walk quite a ways because the road was blocked due to   the cement....but the walk is always nice!
 This is one of the popular shops in the village...because it's so hot! But not as hot as Wuhan!!!
 You can buy your bedding at this store!
 This is like a convenience store:-) Yao Ling liked the dog:-) We don't touch chinese dogs....Oh NO! 

 This is what happens with many people live in a small village...yep...traffic jam:-( It's crazy!!
 This is our one bus stop in the village.
 This is the way to our house...we have to wait because there are too many trucks blocking us...this is almost a daily thing...AHHHH!

 Another place to buy bedding!
 The people here work soooo hard...this woman fills the basket with bricks and hauls them off:-(
 This little narrow way is to our home!
 The day all my stuff arrived they decided to put the concrete bags in front of our entry way...OMG...it was so crazy to carry all my stuf over that! This is the view from my room!
 The opposite direction...
 YAY that everything arrived in one piece...well almost everything:-( My coffee press was crushed:-( Sad day!! 
 We got everything in!!!
 I have no idea why I wanted to get in this box but this is what  my Piano came in:-) lol I got creative with it:-)
 Put the kids in it:-) They loved it!!!
 This is Mo Xi...in English it's "Moses"...he was found all wrapped up in a basket so they gave him this name when he was a baby:-) He is precious!!!!! Such a lovable little guy..he is 4yrs old!
 We decided to let the kids go swimming...it was awesome...we filled the pool up with water from the third floor with a hose to the second:-) Then we let them have fun:-) Most of them were in the big pool and some of the others alone in the small buckets! This is Yao Yao...she is 15 and such a sweet girl:-)
 This is Rosa..she is 3:-) She is such a joyful little girl!
 It got a little chaotic at times but all in all a fun time was had but all:-)
 This is XuWei..she is our oldest, 17yrs. She is a blessing and a big help!!!
 We took some of the kids to the big park in the closest city. They LOVED exploring and walking around seeing everything:-) It was so cute...I got my workout in for sure!!! The girls were showing Marianne everything!
 KFC was a big hit as well this week! MoXi loved his ice cream! we took all the children but in 2 groups! It was so much fun!!! Most of them never eat cold things(because chinese  people thing that everything cold makes you sick..HA...OH the things they think...) 
 This is Sissi and Ruth...they were having fun! they are 6yrs!
 Rosa love the song "This little light of mine" and she figured out how to make her fingers longer with french fries:-) Sooooo cute!!! She LOVES to sing!!
 Yao Ling and Xing Xing..what a sweet blessing they are. they are 8 yrs old and a ball of energy! Xing really loves the father:-) She is always singing about Him:-) 
 Yao Yao loved her ice cream!
 Next up...Pizza Buffet with the 5 oldest!!! SO much fun...i wrote on my facebook "A pizza buffet with 5 down syndrome kids is like dreaming of eating pizza while working out at the gym:-)" It's true!!!
 Yao Mei is quite special:-) She loved the choices she had to eat different things:-)
 Rejoice LOVES to pose:-) She had a great time eating everything but she didn't wat to eat the pizza with her fingers...I had to teach her that is was ok:-)
 Xing Xing is always the life of the party:-) Food is her favorite:-)
 Yao Ling had a wonderful time picking her own food and getting to eat ice cream:-)
 :-) Love :-) Rejoice calls me GeGe(big sister) and we are really good buddys!
 Marianne is so patient with them and loves on them...they love their "momma"!!!
 When we took this picture she held her hands up and "Jesus"!!! It was amazing!
 Hans was such a sport to drive us all there and endure the adventure:-)
 Ok, well I kinda got all my stuff settled!! My music room...and a sewing machine!!!!

 This is my bed room...the "coffee table is the box my piano came in:-) I knew I would use it for something and it is very useful to put things in!
 It has been a wonderful first week and I am so humbled and blessed to be here:-) The children are such a blessing! Please continue to lift us up as we try to do what is HIS best for the children!
They are all such a blessing and a light here! They don't get looked at very well when we take them out and we don't either for that matter but please PR for the people around us to have soft heart for the children. To see them as a cherished life!!!! more updates in the future...I'm off to teach Wu Wei how to make banana bread!